Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Services and More from a Local Company

Keeping your home gardens well-maintained requires a lot of work from you. Lawn and landscape maintenance will require a significant time commitment from you if you were to do it all yourself. Make it easy on yourself and count on the services of a professional contractor like Yard Scaping Services. We work with residential and commercial clients in the Lanham, MD area, and we offer a wide range of services designed to enhance and maintain the beauty of your property.

Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn Mowing Service

Services offered:

Underground irrigations system installation and maintenance – Installing a lawn sprinkler system is the easiest way for you to ensure that your lawn gets the hydration it needs to stay vibrant, lush, and healthy. A watering system works automatically, so it is ideal for residential and commercial properties. It will also ensure that there is no water wasted because you can adjust the settings of the system.

Lawn aerating and seeding – Aerating your lawn is an important part of growing healthy grass and plants. Plant roots need air to survive, and the process of aeration allows for more air to reach the roots. It will also allow more nutrients to filter through the soil and reach the plants. Seeding is the process of planting on your lawn. This is much easier to do after the lawn has been aerated because compacted soil does not foster a good ground for the seeds to grow on.

Mulching application – Mulching is the use of any material as a protective barrier on top of your soil. Mulching can control the growth of weeds on the lawn, and it prevents soil erosion. Using an organic material like mulch will also release more nutrients into the soil, thereby giving you a healthier lawn.

When you need the services of a reliable garden contractor, contact Yard Scaping Services. We work with clients who live in Lanham, MD and in the nearby areas of . We provide a wide range of lawn care services, from lawn mowing and edging to sod planting. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to provide these services to our customers, and we also offer warranties on the quality of our work. For more information on our company, give us a call at (301) 359-6500.