Beyond Lawn Mowing: Using Our Irrigation Maintenance Services

Yard Scaping Services is known for our dependable lawn mowing solutions in Lanham, MD, but they’re not the only thing we offer. To provide a complete lawn care service to our clients, we also specialize in irrigation system maintenance. Simply sign up for our yearly irrigation maintenance program, and our staff will be there on your scheduled service date to inspect your lawn sprinkler system and ensure it’s in great shape.

What We Do

Modern irrigation systems are designed to last for a long time, but they can still develop problems over the years due to a wide range of factors. Fortunately, when you sign up for our maintenance services, you’ll have the assurance that our staff can quickly fix these issues and prevent them from coming back. Here are some of the tasks that we do during our maintenance visits:

  • Evaluate your system to see if it’s properly designed and installed (usually done on our first visit). We’ve visited many homes wherein the lawn sprinkler system was poorly designed and installed, which means that some areas didn’t receive enough water while others received too much water. If this is the case for your lawn, we’ll make the required corrections and ensure your system provides the right amount of water to all areas.
  • Check spray heads and rotors. They can develop leaks due to lawn mowing damage or simply normal wear and tear, and these leaks can cause you to waste gallons of water when left unattended.  We’ll do the required repairs to fix leaks and ensure you won’t have to deal with too-high water bills.
  • Inspect valves, fittings, and water lines for leaks and repair them when needed.
  • Test the rain sensor and in-ground moisture sensor and ensure they’re running at optimum performance. If your irrigation system doesn’t include these sensors, we can install them for you.

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Call Yard Scaping Services now to register for our irrigation system maintenance program. Once you’ve signed up for it, you can also take advantage of our landscaping services and other lawn care solutions in Lanham, MD. Dial (301) 359-6500 now to speak with our lawn and landscape experts!